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Buenos Dias, photos for the press and advertising business. Searching images and buying images has never been so easy.

Buenos Dias Bildagentur is one of the leading image libraries in Austria. Representing more than 100 photo collections we guarantee a huge variety in high quality imagery. Our images and video clips ‘speak’ a European picture language and facilitate visual communication. Buenos Dias Bildagentur was founded in 1987 and is a owner managed company. In April 2017 the brand was sold to Soulriders Management GmbH. In march 2018 the agency was sold to Cocoba GmbH, which will continue to run the business. From the earlier transparency specialist it has developed into a well-known digital archive. Searching images and buying and downloading images online has never been so easy. More than 34 Millions of images, both royalty free and rights managed are available for download 24/7. Our range of images is targeted at professional image users in the press and advertising business. Many well-established advertising agencies, graphic artists, publishing houses, webdesigners and newspapers & magazines are among our clients.
You will find a wide range of images in the following areas of interest: business, lifestyle, leisure, travel, geography, nature, food, industry, medicine, sports, animals, plants and conceptual photography. As well as modern, up to date photos and contemporary imagery we also represent historical images and editorial images portraying personalities and celebrities.